Advantages And Disadvantages Of Renting

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The decision to rent or buy a home has a huge impact on your financial freedom and the management of your personal finances. As a general rule, for experts it is a matter of time. They assure that the rent is a good option in the short and medium term, because it does not require an investment when entering to live in a flat. But, more in the long term, the majority opts for the purchase, because a prolonged stay allows to amortize the high initial expense that faces who acquires a house.
Advantages and disadvantages of renting
Leased living has many positive aspects, not only financial but also in terms of your lifestyle and growth possibilities. These are the advantages of living rented
You live where you want. You are not tied by mortgage to a particular house, you can change when you want. This means that you can live wherever you want, in any area of the city and even in any country in the world and that you can move as many times as you want. When you buy a house you are tying it to a locality and a type of house and change will not be easy, besides costing you money in the payment of taxes. You adapt better to the different moments of life. As you can change your home whenever you want, you can adapt your house to your needs and the different moments of life. If you need a room because you are going to be a parent or an office because you are going to start working from home, it will be as easy as moving house. The same can be applied if you want a house with
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