Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rfid

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(a) Label after entering the magnetic field, receive the radio frequency signal from the reader, with the energy gained by the induced current send product information stored in the chip (Passive Tag) or by the label initiative to send a frequency signal (Active Tag) reader read the information and the decoding, sent to the central information system on data processing. A complete set of RFID system, through the Reader (Reader) and electronic label (TAG), that is called Transponder and application software system of three parts. The working principle is the Reader to launch a specific frequency radio waves of energy to the Transponder, send the internal data to drive Transponder circuit, the Reader will receive interpreting data in a sequence, for application to do the corresponding processing. RFID card reader and electronic tags between the communication and energy sensing approach can be divided into roughly: Two kinds of coupling and backward scattering. The general low frequency RFID mostly uses the first kind,…show more content…
RFID in aspects such as cost, standard, accuracy and application mode in the popularization and application of met a lot of challenges. Mainly manifested in the following several aspects: the lack of mature application mode and industry standards, as well as related products do not have a unified standard. Standardization is necessary measures, pushed the market products are widely accepted but the technology of RFID reader and tag is still not unified, so it is not integration. And different manufacturers of the development of the label communication protocol, using different frequencies, and packet format is different. Price is one of the problem with restricting the development of RFID application market. RFID system whether tags, reader and the antenna, its price is more expensive. Until the new manufacturing technology is popularized, the high cost of RFID tags can only be used for some products with higher value
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