Advantages And Disadvantages Of Round Robin Schedulinging In The Operating System

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An operating system is an interface between the user of the computer and the computer hardware. The main purpose of the operating system is to provide user an environment where he can run the programs in the efficient manner. CPU is considered to be the heart of the system so it should be effectively used. Improper use of CPU can reduce the system’s efficiency. Hence processes are been continuously running in the CPU to make it more efficient and have maximum utilization. The topic we have chosen is enhanced round robin scheduling. There is a reason for selecting round robin scheduling as it a very fair scheduling that gives equal time quantum to all process. This is the major advantage over all other scheduling algorithms. In operating system multi-programming is a major issue. The main aim is to run several processes
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This major drawback in Round Robin scheduling. Due to this system performance is degraded.
• More number of Context switches are been used. This leads to wastage of memory and time , and also leads to scheduler overhead.
• Due to this more number of Context switches ,Throughput is also very low.
Due to all this disadvantages the existing Round Robin Scheduling algorithm is made unfit for the present real time systems. So these drawbacks are being limited in the proposed system. The Round Robin scheduling is sensitive to the time quantum. The following two cases arise for scheduling round robin algorithm
• If the time quantum is too small then the Round Robin scheduling becomes Processor sharing algorithm and hence Context Switches becomes high.
• If the time quantum is high then the Round Robin Scheduling becomes First Come First Serve algorithm.
For every value of time quantum will have specific performance and will certainly affect the algorithm performance. The quantities which gets affect by this are
• Waiting time
• Turnaround time
• Number of Context switches
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