Advantages And Disadvantages Of SAP

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Since 1995 financial manager of ATLAM are the same person, Zulkifli Osman. While the person who would be responsibility on the new system upgrade are Mrs. Lim which is also the user representative. Both of them are having different opinion in the discussion of the implement SAP as the new accounting system. Zulkifli think that SAP is better than ACCPAC while Lim opinion is opposite with Zulkifli. Lim comment on SAP is there is a lot of disadvantages while ACCPAC could bring more advantages towards the company. From the angle of cost, SAP would need huge cost included operational cost. This cost would be a burden to the company especially after the performance of the company on 2001 was not really in good condition. Other than that, Lim think…show more content…
This is why management should start to make sure everyone are able to accept the changes with good attitude. They should had communication consistently toward the process of the implementation of the system. This would also help the management know the feedback from the employee.

• Explanation
It would be important for the management to explain the need of SAP implementation. Management should focus on explain how SAP would benefit the company and help the future performances which include the staff working performance.
• Management
The management should motives for the implementing of SAP. This is because during the implementation take places, Zulkifli would had to make sure all department of staff are at the same level and direction and having the same objectives.
• Training
All the staff should had proper training before they can handle the new system due to the lack of knowledge. Training is very important at this stage to endure all the staff can work well with the changes and made a smooth transition.
• Involved
When the implementation are done, management should let all staff had the changes to experiences the new system and get feedback from staff. This is too made sure that the staff could be comfortable with the new

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