Advantages And Disadvantages Of School Uniforms In Public Schools

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Wearing School Uniform has its advantages and disadvantages. Some may think that wearing a uniform through high school, prevents them from expressing themselves. It identifies who belongs to the school. Uniform creates a safer environment and promotes discipline. A school is a place for learning not wearing the latest fashion. By implementing School Uniform Public School will create a more disciplined learning environment for students. The implementing of school uniform in school creates a safer environment for students. In recent school shooting that has been happening. Uniform makes it much harder to carry a conceal weapon. Whereas, students wearing baggy clothing a weapon can easily be hidden. It enables school authorities to identify students who belong to the school. Uniform gives student an identity and belonging to that particular school and community. Uniform reduce the morning stress for parents and students. Looking for something to wear takes up hours and children lose focus, rather than getting to school on time or putting that extra effort to schoolwork. Parents wouldn’t need to argue about outfits being inappropriate for school. Students will know exactly what to wear to school especially if one is running late. This will improve discipline and students will be equal. Students shouldn’t feel pressure or tease by other students for their poor choice in fashion. By having the students, wear a uniform they will realize school is to get an education and not
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