Advantages And Disadvantages Of Selective Breeding

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Selective breeding is the process by which humans reproduce other animals and plants of special features. Typically, strains that are selectively bred are domesticated, and livestock is normally done by a professional breeder, Livestock animals are known as races, while high plants are known as the varieties cultigens, or cultivars. The offspring of two purebred animals, but of different races is called a crossover, and hybrid plants are called hybrids.[1]
There are two approaches or types of artificial selection or selective breeding, The first is "the approach of the breeder" in which the traditional breeder or experimenter applies "a known quantity of the selection to a single phenotypic trait, by examining the chosen character and choosing
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One of the primary goals of the agricultural method advantages is to get a higher profit such as more meat, milk, eggs from animals, also can get more crops quantity and quality from plants, increase the capability to supply the demands of the consumers and that lead to earn more money and increase the investments of the farming around the world, for example; marine organisms such as oysters and shrimps and the most of farm animals such as hens, cows and cattle. [7]
Eliminating Disease
One of the good benefit of selective breeding is to give a good chance to eliminate some disease that some animals and plants could have, so selective breeding can control that diseases by having breeding with same species, not relative such as species living in different places or countries, choosing a good and healthy animals or plants without genetic diseases records will lead to eliminate genetic disease from the offspring in the future, Producing disease resistant wheat is such as an example of eliminating disease and also increase the crops production yield.
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so using a breeding without a scientific technique could cause a decrease the genetic variety, this decrease in the genetic variety could cause some organisms as plants and animals show an immunity weakness to certain pathogens, so if some of these plants or animals with the same traits or genes would be attacked by particular pathogen the entire population of these plants and animals would certainly suffer and damage, using a scientific analysis and monitoring are definitely needed in order to have an healthy and successful breeding and ensure that certain species population is not in risk or bring in danger by certain kind of disease because of a selective breeding, such as in dogs and pets
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