Advantages And Disadvantages Of Self Segregation Essay

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Self-Segregation Hadar Mustafa FAM12 Jun6, 2015 Racial segregation was one of the most controversial and pressing issues of the 20th century. Prior to the abolishment of this legislation, various countries, including America, practiced this racist policy. However, while the country has long banned segregation, there are nonetheless certain groups, both religious and ethnic groups, today that chose to exclude themselves voluntarily from the society. A perfect example of this is the Amish community. For many years, this religious group chose to separate themselves from the rest of the society because of their belief that they are the “chosen race” and “God’s people”. Although many disapprove of this voluntary segregation, many believe that there are certain benefits or advantages in excluding themselves from the others. Accordingly, some scholars assert that there are similarly certain disadvantages to this system. Historically, segregation has been based on race. More specifically, people were segregated based on their racial groups. This system generally applies to everyday activities including public transportation, public facilities, education, employment, or even amenities including toilets and drinking fountains. This act is regarded as a form of discrimination as it uses race or skin color as the basis for acceptance. However, although racial segregation is frowned upon, there are some cases in which this system of
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