Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sharing System

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The development situation of sharing system

“Sharing system”,which was a brand-new concept appeard in 2015 has already become a fashionable life style. Most people,especially those in first-tier cities may have an intensive feeling that sharing system brings too much conveniece and low cost for their daily life, such as shared bicycles.Besides,not only shared bicycles, but some other forms has begun to arise.For example,because of the difficuty for finding a fixed parking lot and the high cost of parking cars,an application named “Searching for Parking Spaces” or in Chinese “Zhao Che Wei” was developed by a science and technology compony, this APP can help people find a shareable parking space by inputting one’s cellphone number,driving license number and how much time they need.In addition, an umbrella-sharing business has come into being in Shanghai and even shared laundries has appeard in some cities. It is said by some surveys and
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It’s not just a simple economy form,but a different public service methed for the high degree of participation and social influence. The precondition of sharing system is the disadvantages of traditional vehicles.For example,driving is a common way people choose to travel, but as a matter of fact, traffic jam and road accidents are become two mean reasons that people refuse to use cars. So for these people,shared bicycles are the best choices. Secondly, the sharing economy depends on Internet techonology which has a high speed development because all of the sharing products,such like bicycles and umbrellas are managed uniformly by Internet.What’s more, the sharing system reflects that Chinese people,especially the young generation are more creative. Dai Wei,the originator of the ofo,was graduated from Peking University in 2014.His team are composed of young people who are enthusiastic about public welfare and resource sharing life
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