Advantages And Disadvantages Of Small And Medium Firm

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Regardless of these confinements, the Small and Medium Firms have accomplished impressive inclusion towards the development in innovation and fares in nation. Small and Medium Firms have been touched base in the vast majority of the significant zones in the business of India for instance:
 Information Technology industry
 Firms in plastic zone
 Firms in Meat
 Engineering zone in Electronics and electrical
 Medical Electronics gear
 Garments and material Industry
 Leather fabricating
 Pharmaceuticals and substance Companies
 Engineering in Bio-innovation zone
 Industry in games units
 Processing in Food
 Area of Agricultural
Because of advancement and globalization, together with World Trade Organization , Small and Medium Firms in India have been experiencing a transitional stage. Numerous SMEs is experiencing extreme time due to retreat of in Indian Economy and abroad , particularly United conditions of America and European Countries and expansive contention from China and a less ease focuses of assembling units from abroad.
Small and Medium Firms those are in fact sound and , contending universal business firms , forceful soul and excitement to rearrange themselves might survive the present challenges and
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The Board is reconstituted every two years and is headed by the Minister In charge of Small Scale Industries in the Government of India. The Board comprises among others State Industry Ministers, some Members of Parliament, Secretaries of various Departments of Government of India, financial institutions, public sector undertakings, industry associations and eminent experts in the field. The Additional Secretary and Development Commissioner(MSME) is the Member Secretary of the Board. The Board is serviced by the Board and Policy Division in the office of the
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