Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Social Media Alex Mitchell HUM/186 Allyson Wells October 1,2017 Social Media Social media has changed the world that we live in. With so many people using it for everything from personal use to professional use, it is one of the main ways that we communicate. Social media is not used just for keeping up with family and friends anymore. Nowadays, companies also use social media to help them spread the word of their company. With so much information on social media sites, it is important to remember to use the sites responsibly and to check credibly on the information we receive. There are many advantages and disadvantages of easily obtainable information. Some of the advantages include getting information…show more content…
This obviously caused some major harm to the woman that drank it. Social media went crazy talking about it. With all the negative talk about this one mistake, many their restaurants have been forced to go out of business. It is not just businesses using social media to help spread the word about themselves. There are many people out there that use social media to help gain their reputation and talk about themselves. With how many people use certain platforms, it is important that people also take the same precaution when making posts. Take a professional athlete for example. They could have millions of fans that follow them and look at everything that they post. The athlete can use this to their advantage and get paid to talk about a certain product or experience. The disadvantages of this are the same. While the athlete might make a mistake, and talk about their opinion on a certain topic, it might not be the same opinion of many of their followers. This can cause many of their followers to unfollow and change their way they portray this athlete. It is important to remember that not everyone feels the same way or has the same views about certain topics. By making this mistake or something similar, it can cost you in your professional career. While there are many people that make a lot of posts on social media based on their views or beliefs, it
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