Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Social Media

Social Media
Advantages and Disadvantages of Easily Obtainable Information
In the contemporary world, social networks, and the general internet has an eminent role as sources of wide range information feeding people in different sectors with the type of information they seek spontaneously. Much of easily obtainable information is found on social media sites where people freely write, edit, publish, share, and transfer contents. Therefore, it is vital to determine and appreciate the pros and cons associated with the easily available contents.
The easily obtainable
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media
The role of social media in boosting social or business relationship is quite eminent in the modern world. Individuals use social media to share their feelings through charts, and share various contents with others which is quite essential in building social networks. Most importantly, businesses are using social media to advertise and promote their products and increase their respective market shares. Social media has proven to be cost-effective in doing product promotion if compared with other forms of marketing such as television advertising (Doctor-dialogue, 2012). By using social media, businesses can effectively campaigns which shall generate viral results.
The modern business environment is marked with electronic businesses operations where customers effortlessly purchase goods and services through company websites. Social media has a vital role in driving traffic to such commercial websites (Leonardi et al 2013). Businesses attach their website links in every social media post which, upon click, redirects the reader to the websites. Therefore, social media plays a crucial role in marketing global products and in generating business ideas since people from diversified backgrounds converge virtually and share ideas and opinions. It also builds long-lasting relationship amongst people and between businesses and their audiences.
However, at times, social media is quite disastrous since it exposes users to
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