Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Social media has revolutionized the world in many different ways. Popular websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are used by millions of people every day, and even the most remote place in the world have access to internet use. From contacting your friends and family to finding an old friend from high school, social media has become an essential tool of communication. People can share information, communicate ideas, interact with one another and engage in different activities by just clicking in their computer or simply opening an app on your phone. All of these benefits of social media sound really great when is used in a positive way. However, the use of social media is not perceived the same way by everyone. The question is, is social media good or bad for our society. According to an article in the International Journal of Scientific Research and Publications, one of the greatest benefits of social media is the mean of communication. Social media makes it easy for you to communicate with families and friends all around the world, but is also helps you to build new relationships and socialize more. People that usually have no time to meet others in person because of limited availability stay in contact more often by using email, facetime and also by text messages. The author states that social media works as a bridge of communication between people that share the same interests and that networking sites allows them to spread communicate their ideas with others.

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