Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

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Solar Energy is a renewable energy strategy that converts the power of the sun into usable energy or electricity. There are multiple approaches available that can be used to harvest solar energy. The most well-known form of solar energy collection is through the use of
Photovoltaic Processes. This is essentially when solar panels are used to collect from sunlight and convert this light into energy and electricity. This energy collected is stored in photovoltaic battery cells for later use. Another proven solar energy method is Solar Heating and Cooling, also known as SHC. In this approach, the thermal energy created by the sun is harvested and used to do things such as naturally heat water for later use. The third most common method of solar energy collection is known as Concentrating Solar Power (CSP). This very unique tactic uses mirrors to reflect the sunlight at a common point in the form of one strong light beam. This concentrated energy is focused on one key point which powers an engine that generates clean energy. There are numerous advantages to using solar energy. Solar energy generation and use creates little to no pollution, it greatly reduces or eliminates electricity bills for users, requires very little maintenance to keep up and running, and also, as the renewable energy industry blossoms, many new jobs will be created. However, there are minor issues with using solar energy, though. These disadvantages include a larger initial investment required, limiting energy generation window to only day time, and also that photovoltaic storage batteries are currently somewhat expensive and underdeveloped.
2. Solar Energy in Southern California
Southern California is the ideal location for a large scale solar energy system. The region is consistently sunny and there are already multiple incentives in place for homeowners, businesses, and organizations to take advantage. Research conducted in Los Angeles has demonstrated that, even without incentives, the cost of solar vs traditional heating systems is actually comparable. Numerous cities in Southern California such as Camarillo, Hesperia, and
Daggett are home to large scale solar energy systems. Camarillo in particular is host to a massive site that at one
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