Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Energy Sector

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D. Surrya Prakash, D. Praveen Kumar, B. Lokeshwaran
1Assistant Professor, 2, 3 Students, Veltech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology, Avadi, Chennai-600062. India.

ABSTRACT: Man in his lifetime, uses energy in one form or the other. In fact whatever happens in nature, results, out of the conversion of energy in one form or the other? The extensive usage of energy has resulted in an energy crisis, and there is a need to develop methods of optimal utilization, which will not only ease the crisis but also preserve the environment. Several renewable energy resources like solar energy and wind energy etc. are being used to obtain electricity. But these systems are expensive and also have low efficiency. Another major disadvantage is that these systems cannot be installed everywhere as each of them
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RELATED WORK There are very few hybrid systems used throughout the world. They use solar panels to harness solar energy and turbines to harness wind energy. But there capital cost is very high. This concept of using a single system to harness two different sources of energy using mechanics has never been attempted before.

This is the basic component of the construction. This cylinder is made up of steel and is fitted into ball bearing. There is an extended portion of the cylinder at the top where the projection cylinder is placed. The centre cylinder has the bevel gear fitted on to it to enable power generation using alternator.

5.2 PROJECTION CYLINDER: They are fitted on the top of the centre cylinder. They contain the spring and load set up inside them along with empty space for the gas expansion. The diameter of each cylinder is 60 mm. They are made of steel and painted black in order to absorb maximum solar radiation. They also have fins on the top and bottom surfaces to enable rotation using wind
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