Advantages And Disadvantages Of Special Needs Pupils

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In Rantsu the approach for the special needs pupils is different from the other two analysed schools: they have special classes, some of them are stable, others are used just in some periods.
The decision to make special classes can be based on the presence of serious cases of disabilities or can be a way to help these special needs pupils to have a more personalized study path.
Even if it could be a good method to teach them, it could be dangerous to isolate these pupils from the others. The other pupils will not face the presence of them, and these pupils will not be pushed to communicate to the others, that will be necessary in their future life.
There are pros and cons in this approach and it’s hard to define a line between help and exclusion.
It permits to isolate pupils that could damage the others with their
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The way they decide to take depends on the situation and on the grade of the crisis they have. In Italian schools works in almost the same way.
The most interesting method used by the teacher was to follow the pupils knowledge to build the lesson together. In that way pupils were completely involved in the explanation and they were all active. The teacher used in a clever way the web, searching on it whatever pupils came up with, giving them more information about their topics and images of them. This method is not often used in Italian schools, where the most common method is sadly still the traditional lesson. It will be really necessary to change it and take Finland as an example for it.
On other class was an 8th grade class, it was a “caring class”. This kind of section is a peculiarity of the school. The class involves pupils with psychological problems connected to the school, pupils that works better alone or in small groups and are not at ease in a traditional
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