Advantages And Disadvantages Of Standardized Testing

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3. What are the advantages and major criticisms of standardized tests?

There are advantages and criticisms of standardized testing. Standardized tests test students on subject and skills under the same conditions and establishes norms and criteria to compare students. The advantages of standardized tests is that it can provide information about the student and their level of performance. It may show students strengths on subjects and certain skills and it may show students challenges. The results of standardized tests can be used to make decisions about special education placement or placement in specific programs. The results can also be used to diagnose learning problems and evaluate students progress. The results can also be used to check teacher effectiveness. There are many criticisms of standardized tests. One being that the validity and reliability of the test may be in question. Not every student is a good test taker, so the results of standardized tests may not be a good indicator of the students knowledge, skills, and abilities. The test may also contain biases that contribute to students getting a lower score. The test also puts pressure on students and teachers. Many students may get testing anxiety. Since standardized tests have been used to measure teacher effectiveness, teachers may teach to the test in attempts to raise students scores. This limits teachers creativity in the classroom and limits the content, curriculum, and skills students could be learning. It can also lead to a negative environment for both the student and the teacher.

4. In letter format, addressed to me, detail five theories from our study this semester, which will have the greatest impact on your work with students. I am looking for a statement about the theory, along with some reasons why that theory is meaningful to you in your work as a teacher.

Dear Professor Citron,

I have learned so much this semester and plan to use many of these theories and strategies in my own classroom one day. One theory that will be applied to my social studies classroom is the theory of multicultural education. This theory focuses on embracing diversity in the curriculum. This theory is meaningful to me in teaching social studies
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