Advantages And Disadvantages Of Street Children Essay

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The General Objective The general objective of the paper is to assess the challenges and coping strategies of street children in Addis Ababa particularly Addis Ketema sub-city. 1.3.2. Specific Objectives The specific objectives of the study are intended to: 1. Identify factors that expose children to street life in the sub city. 2. Find out the major challenges street children faced in the study area. 3. Assess the coping up strategies that street children are involved to sustain their life. 4. Examine the remedial measures that are taken by stakeholders in reducing the challenges of street children. 1.4 Research Questions To attain the above stated objectives, the study will attempt to answer the following research questions: 1. What are the major factors…show more content…
Definition of Key terms Streetism: the term “streetism” refers to the situation of children who are forced to live on the street and who are frequently engaged in unskilled income-generating activities in order to survive (Adeyemi & Oluwaseun 2012:88). Street children are those who are under 18 years of age and belong to the following three categories. The first is street-living children who escape from their families and survive on their own on the streets. The second is street-working children who work on the street and return home on regular basis. The last category is children from street parents, children belonging to this category stay on the street with their parents (Bhaskaran & Mehta, 2011). On the street children are children who come to the street to work in order to supplement their families` income and return home at night. Significant number of them attends school on a part time basis. Worldwide, these children perform similar tasks such as shoe shining, wash and mind cars, sell lottery ticket, etc.(Lalor,1999). Children Of the street are whose main living place is street. Connections with their family may exist but are remote and their former home is visited infrequently (Lalor,
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