Advantages And Disadvantages Of Studying Alone Or Study Alone

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It’s very vital for everyone to learn knowledge and skills. However, whenever you want to study in class or after class, you must choose to study alone or study with a group of people. And, which one do you prefer?
Some people prefer to the learning atmosphere where they can discuss the problem with some people. This type of learning is called cooperative learning. Cooperative learning not only avoids the learners’ unilateral acceptance of knowledge, but also promotes them positive thought on problem. It requires that the learner discuss with others at a humble and sincere attitude, or it isn’t so successful and effective that the learners will feel a waste of time. So it can build them good characters, such as respectful, helpful and receptive
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My opinion is to “take the essence and discard the dregs” and “adjust measures to local conditions”. When learning some basic knowledge in fundamental courses or preparing for written examinations, It's a better way to study alone. There is no point to discuss these basic knowledge which has been confirmed or universally acknowledged. And the more basic knowledge we have, the more efficient we are when studying with a group, because we can have more ideas after learning a lot of basic knowledge. In a frontier field, one’s ability is limited after all. A group of people learn together and share existing knowledge to explore, and they may go further. For example, in the past, research on particle accelerators in various countries was isolated. As a result, before some accelerators had been made, another accelerators had produced the same researching results. Those accelerators which were made later must expire because they have no value. But it wasted a lot of money and resources. So the research on particle accelerators is done in a cooperative way today. As you see, particle physics has achieved rapid development due to study with others together in the frontier
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