Advantages And Disadvantages Of Synthesis

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Disadvantages of Chemical Synthesis of Nanoparticles
The chemical synthesis methods of ZnO nanoparticles like chemical precipitation, hydrothermal method, and pyrolysis, chemical vapour deposition, and so forth result in the presence of some toxic chemicals adsorbed on the surface. These substances may have adverse effects in medical applications. There are some reactions in these chemical procedures which require high temperature and high pressure for their initiation while there are some reactions that require inert atmosphere protection or inert conditions. Some chemical methods also involve utilization of certain toxic matters such as toxic template, H2S and metallic precursors [M.Hudlikar, et al, 2012]. The chemicals used for synthesis
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In biogenic synthesis of nanoparticles, several biological systems including bacteria, fungi, andyeast have been used safely [G.Alagumuthu et al, 2012]. But synthesis of nanoparticles by using microorganisms is somewhat difficult because it involves elaborate process of maintaining cell cultures, intracellular synthesis, along with multiple purification steps.

Advantages of Green Synthesis of Nanoparticles
In present times “green” method in the synthesis of nanoparticles has greatly become a topic of interest. This is because the conventional chemical methods are expensive and require the use of chemical compounds or organic solvents as reducing agents which are toxic as well [C.Manson, 2012].
Green chemistry reduces the risk of pollution at source level and it is enhanced to prevent waste rather than treat or clean up waste after it is formed. The principle focuses on choice of reagents which are ecofriendly. Although physical and chemical methods are quick and easier for nanoparticles synthesis the biological technique is better and ecofriendly [P.Tundo, 2000. S.M.Reed, 2000]. By Using Leaf Extract of Coriandrum
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