Advantages And Disadvantages Of TNB

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There are many advantages of in house PR department in TNB as the manager has mentioned that the in house PR department is basically a customer service that takes care of internal and external customers in TNB. It is good when the worker and staff are happy which then only they will perform better. When they performed in TNB which means that the customer are indirectly taken care by them and overall is good for TNB to have an in house PR department. There are no disadvantages of in house PR department in TNB as TNB does not have any of it.
The manager in TNB mentioned that she love her job and the reason was because that she felt happy to help other people as she called herself a people’s person. For example, she likes to see other people,
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They also have mutual respect with the customers to have a mutual understanding as the organization with two way symmetrical model enjoy mutual beneficial and relationships. The in house PR department have make adjustments to operate their publics by engage with the public relations. The reason that TNB use the two way symmetrical model was because that TNB was a public utilities. The non-profit organizations, government agencies and the business agencies with high regulated like public utilities are mostly using the two way symmetrical model for public relations. The manager of TNB also practice the communication of two way symmetrical model as she care about the other people more than her own interest of organization, this model’s advantages was to have a long relationship and understandings with the organization and the customers, it also bring the society with the meaningful and significant contribution. Becoming a good public relation practitioner is also involving the two way symmetrical model as the practitioner must be honest, open-minded and have mutual respect with the
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