Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tablet Computers For Travelling Salespeople

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Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to compare the advantages and disadvantages of tablet computers for travelling salespeople. People are now more into modern gadgets such as tablet computers. When it comes to fastest and smartest talk we are now into tablets rather than computers especially for the travelling salespeople. This report is considering that tablet computers can be an alternative way for computers and laptops but not a replaceable due to the functions of the device and processor. The popularity of usage of tablets still increasing for instance Apple's popular iPad, gain the market reputation. The tablet computers are well made of portable with flexible screen size and smaller in size. Tablet computers are ideal…show more content…
Since the salespeople do not stick at on place they need something portable. So that they can carry anywhere they want. Whereas, laptops and computers are also enable to do computing works but tablet computers is a more comfortable. Business travelers and salespeople like to use tablets because it is less weight and easy to carry on trains and planes. Tablet computers save more time and money. Whenever the person needs to use it by one touch it can be on. However, the laptops or computers take a longer time. In workplace, if the staff needs information from different branches of the company the staff can contact through teleconference. So, its save company money and time because the company no need to pay travel expenses and the staff also do not have to go company's branch to get information. That also increase productivity and take less time to finish a task. Tablet computers perform more efficiently and quickly compared to computers and…show more content…
The originality of computer can be never beaten by tablet computers. For instance, a computer can print letter whenever we want and just with one click is enough and connect to printer by ports. While, not all tablets computers have infrared rate to access the printer. They have to go manual way. Tablet computers are well suited to use social network, use apps and browse online. If require to type letters or perform more complex task, computer functions more needed. The computer tablets only adaptable easily for new technology for travelling salespeople with consider the short term

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