Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tcp Udp Transport

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Advantages and Disadvantages of TCP/UDP Transport Later Protocols Jaymin Modi Monroe College Abstract This paper is all about the advantages and disadvantages of two main protocols in the transport layer of the networking. In this paper, I have tried to explain in brief about the transport layer of networks and forwarded by the brief introduction of TCP and UDP. Main purpose of the paper is to illustrate various advantages and disadvantages of both protocol. It is illustrated with response to application requirement and reliability requirements. One should easy to get the idea of selection of protocol for application based on this paper. Advantages and Disadvantages of TCP/UDP Transport Layer Protocol Computer Network is a…show more content…
Figure below shows the structure of different layers, and locate the transport layer and protocols used in transport layer like TCP and UDP. The functioning of the both of the protocols Fig.1 Layer Stack are different which is explained in next part. Also, they both has their advantages and disadvantages which is explain in detail in the major portion of this paper. If we check the transport layer in OSI model protocol stack, it is situated just above the network layer. Although the network protocol doesn’t offer the corresponding to network layer, sometimes services offered by the transport layer. Whenever an engineer designs a network application, he must specify the one of the application for his application. Engineer decides the application when he creating sockets (Kurose & Ross , 2013). The Internet network layer protocol is called IP (Internet Protocol), which provides the logical communication between hosts. IP model service is also considered a best-effort delivery service but it did not guarantee the orderly delivery of segments due to this it is considered as unreliable service. Every host has at least one IP address which is network layer address. The main function of UDP and TCP is to extend the Internet Protocols delivery service between two end systems to a delivery between two processes on

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