Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology

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These four constructs are comparable to relative advantage, complexity, compatibility and trialability of an innovation in DOI, respectively. Since DOI is one of UTAUT’s core elements, the two theories are very similar. However, while DOI considers new ideas in any context and its constructs focus on the characteristics of the innovations, UTAUT pays attention to new technologies in an organizational setting and its constructs place more emphasis on a user’s perception and expectation of the technologies. In this present study, social media is treated as a new technology being adopted for crisis communication in an organizational context. The first construct, performance expectancy, is the degree to which an individual expects that using…show more content…
The second construct is effort expectancy, which is defined by Venkatesh and colleagues (2003) as the extent to which a person feels at ease when using a new technology. It is the perception that using a technology would be free of effort, and the interaction would be clearly understandable. Effort expectancy is present in both voluntary and mandatory settings, during the early stage of adoption. This type of expectancy is conditioned by an individual’s gender, age and work experience, as the effect is greater among young women, older workers and those with limited experience (Venkatesh et al., 2003). Regarding the effort expectancy to adopt social media in crisis communication, since social media is regarded as a must-use in PR practice (Domm, 2015) and Vietnam has over 40 million active social media users (Kemp, 2016), it is likely that Vietnamese PR practitioners have already used social media to an extent, and adopting it into crisis communication should not take much effort. Therefore, in this dissertation, the author proposed that this construct represented by the expectations of PR practitioners that using social media in crisis communication is an easy and understandable process, and that learning and involving social media in PR work takes fairly little time. The next construct is social influence, which is the
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