Advantages And Disadvantages Of Telecommuting

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It is apparent that telecommuting has many benefits for both employees and employers however, telecommuting is not without its potential challenges. Furthermore, companies that are considering this policy should note the varying possible pitfalls and attempt to find ways to control them.

First, one potential disadvantage of telecommuting is there is minimal oversight. Likewise, It is nearly impossible to provide direct oversight or to micromanage a teleworker. There are ways, however, to overcome this potential pitfall by creating performance benchmarks and making sure employees who work remotely are meeting the requirements in regard to production and quality of work (Telecommuting Benefits, 2017).

Next, there is ample opportunities
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According to Lee (2017) it is noted that telecommuting impedes career growth and development, thereby, making it almost impossible to evaluate and supervise employees performance.

Equally important, recently, many employers have refrained from telecommuting arrangements, believing employees cannot perform their jobs as effectively from home or be adequately supervised while working remotely. At the same time, however, telecommuting programs have fallen into disfavor among many employers (Rocco, 2014).

Moreover, other disadvantages that come along with telecommuting. First, some employers are uncomfortable having their employees work at home, because it cuts out a lot of contact that they have with them. This could be troublesome when conducting performance appraisals. Typically, one of the biggest disadvantages of telecommuting is the lack of social interaction and isolation. In general, this can pose as a problem because in many instances, people enjoy the workplace environment and being able to socially interact. Despite the fact that their is still minimal interaction through phone calls and email correspondence, there is still a lack of dialogue and social interaction amongst employees standing around each others desk or in the break room discussing the latest news. Furthermore, telecommuting forces discipline, structure and
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