Advantages And Disadvantages Of Television Essay

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Television is more of a blessing than a curse to children. Discuss.

Television has become such an essential part of our daily lives, that it is very hard to imagine life without television. In the past, people obtain knowledge and news by reading books and newspaper. Nowadays we obtain news and different kind of knowledge and can be entertained through watching television. Television is an invention that makes our lives more convenient. People of all ages love watching television, especially children and teenagers. They are glued to their televisions. In the USA, children aging from 6-16 spend 5.5 hours on average per day on television. We can see that television affect the children a lot as they spend so much time on television every day. There is one question that every parent will ask: are the
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Educational programs may improve children’s learning efficiency. Some television programs such as the news, National Geographic, etc, can educate, inform and inspire children. A research carried out in UK showed that children learn more effectively by watching television than reading books or listening to audiotapes. Also, some studies carried in primary schools show that children who watch educational program have better academic results then those who don’t. Children can gain extra knowledge by watching educational programs.

Watching television can be a relief of stress and pain. Scientists found that cartoons can be used as painkiller on children, as they experience a soothing effect through watching them. They tend to be less affected by the pain brought by stomachache, headache, etc. Children can also obtain entertainment from the cartoons, so as to release their stress. It can also cheer them up when they are devastated, and by obtaining a positive mind, they work much more
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