Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tenagananasionalberhad

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1. Set up another companysimilar with TNB TenagaNasionalBerhad (TNB)is the largest electricity utility that supplies electricity in Malaysia. This company is the one and only leading electricity company in Malaysia. TenagaNasionalBerhad (TNB) has been providing Malaysia’s household and outlets electricity ever since the year 1949. According to the news, the shortage of power supply occurred when a few of the industries has not been receiving the supply they needed because the electricity demand has surpass the supply. The aim of the company is to convert the natural resources into electricity which are needed to supply to every household, outlets and power plants in Malaysia.Besides that, TenagaNasionalBerhad (TNB) is a monopoly market because…show more content…
In order to being fairly and ethically to those potential competitors, TenagaNasionalBerhad (TNB)can cooperate with potential competitors to become Partnership or Joint Venture in the future.It might provide a good opportunity to the potential competitor to incorporate with TenagaNasionalBerhad (TNB) which able to treat fairly to them. It could bring out a few advantages if TenagaNasionalBerhad (TNB) being Partnership or Joint Venture with potential competitor. First, the potential partner will be fairly treated and able to deal with those restriction and strict regulation which had set by government, this is a good chance for potential partners who tend to come in while at the same time TenagaNasionalBerhad (TNB) will still earning profits and with nearly no competitors. Other than that, as every company or industry will have their own specialized skills, knowledge and expertise, TenagaNasionalBerhad (TNB) can grab the opportunity to possess the potential partner’s specialized skill and knowledge which TNB does not own previously, it might help TenagaNasionalBerhad (TNB) to have the chance to achieve more profit with lower cost if the potential partners have strong relationship on the supply chain over the other countries. Besides that, TenagaNasionalBerhad (TNB) might cooperate with potential partner so that TNBwill ethically share profits together with its partner and will not only make their own money for themselves like current. TenagaNasionalBerhad (TNB) might also able to accumulate more capital to invest further together with potential partner such as operate a new power plant to generate electricity. Last but not least, they might also monitor and supervise each other in order to act ethically to the

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