Advantages And Disadvantages Of Textbooks In K-12 Schools

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As technology continuously advances and expands in our culture and society, tablets have dominated computers and laptops in the workforce and textbooks in some schools in the United States. As tablets are becoming more prevalent, a debate has been established regarding whether K-12 school districts should switch from print textbooks to digital textbooks on tablets in the classroom. In definition, a tablet is a handheld computer, but they are usually much bigger than a cell phone. There are many reasons why school districts may or may not replace digital textbooks or tablets entirely. This particular topic is controversial and debatable because textbooks seem to be less prevalent than tablets. Although kids and teenagers still read print…show more content…
K-12 school districts may need to think twice concerning the replacement of textbooks with tablets.

Students may become easily distracted while handling in tablets in class because tablets have much more creative components. Students have the ability to connect to internet and gives a good source to die away from actually learning. Technology gives students an outlet to multitask during learning hinders academic performance. For instance, iPads are a convenient way to communicate and collaborate with friends as well as for self-management by having a calendar, applications, notes, emails, reminders, use social media, and others. Several studies has shown that “the iPad could potentially be a distraction as it is associated more with entertainment then education” (Greenfield par. 3). Tablets are mostly used to download games and apps. The ability to go on the internet or download apps allows students to restrain from their learning.

Evidently, tablets can get hacked, glitch, freeze, in contrast to textbooks. Tablets have no likelihood of obtaining malware, spyware, or getting personal information stolen. If tablets break or something becomes wrong with it, then they will have to be fixed by a technician, which may end up costing more than the tablets’ worth. It may be better to not risk providing tablets to students because of all the problems that may come with tablets. The ability for tablets to glitch, freeze, or get

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