Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Big Scale Of Tesla

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1. Big scale of Tesla Tesla’s company scale id very big, as a result Tesla’s mission is speed up the world’s transition to sustainable energy. So that Tesla’s public stores are distributed all over the world. For instance Korea, China, North America, Europe, Australia, Leah and Asia. In addition, Tesla has a large number of employees, engineers and technicians. However, big scale of tesla are both advantage and disadvantage.
 Advantages As a result of Tesla has branches in different places, people from different country will recognize the band. It is because Tesla’s popularity is rising, and tesla has more than 30 thousand employees. It can increase productivity and increase tesla’s profit.
 Disadvantages Furthermore, Tesla scale has very big, with more than 30
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Technology on Tesla production process Tesla is an automotive manufacturer that pioneered electric vehicles. Also Tesla electric car not only has a selling point, but also can replace the gasoline with batteries. Therefore, Tesla technology is very good and time-saving in the production process. But in this respect, Tesla will bring some advantages and disadvantages.
 Advantages Tesla electric cars are easier to manufacture than other car factories, which means fewer steps to be taken during assembly and fewer suppliers to process. And the number of parts and components libraries are decreasing. In addition, Tesla can produce 2000 electric cars a week. It can achieve its goal. Therefore, Tesla production process can save time, manpower, resources and money.
 Disadvantages Although Tesla can save money, manpower, resources and time. However, the steps are less in the assembly process and the number of parts libraries reduced. If the electric vehicle maintenance needs, but components are not enough to maintenance. It will take longer time to repair the electric car. Customer complains long time to wait the maintenance. Thus, the volume of business affecting of Tesla. 3. Marketing
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