Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Cross-Sectional Study Designs

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The cross-sectional study designs
My research is concerned about errors in Thai – English translation and I want to know what are the mistakes could be found in the translation. Therefore, I aim to ask the people who involved in my population to do a test. Then I will analyze what are the mistakes in the translation from the test. From the process I’ve mentioned above, I believe that cross-sectional design is the most appropriate design of my research.
According to the number of contacts, I need only one time in order to contact the population of the research because the objective I’ve set doesn’t need to find out about the difference or change between before and after. Furthermore, my research doesn’t need to do the comparison. Consequently,
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In the other hand, it probably has some disadvantages that might be significant for a research. It might lose the depth of information because the data exists only from one source which possibly affects to the accuracy of the result in a research. Additionally, it possibly causes the limitation of data. The researcher might not obtain adequate information for analyzing the result. Although the cross-sectional design has many good advantages, but it also has big disadvantages. The researcher should consider carefully before adopting the cross-sectional…show more content…
Thus, I need to know how they translate. I believe this method would help me to identify the number of mistakes easier. In addition, I also have the evidence that the others can check my research.
It can be identified accurately because it provides a production of translation. Thus, it could be a reliable tools which is used for find out the errors in translation. In the same way, it can be evidences for my research because it will be done on paper. I think that it could enhance the reliability of my research.
However, it also has a big disadvantage because it’s a set of sentences, and these sentences will be on pieces of paper. They might try to plagiarize their friends. These can affect to the result of my research. Therefore, I have to conduct my test strictly. Furthermore, the participants of the test have a right to not answer. They might leave it blank. These problems can disturbs the accuracy of the result. By the way, I am planning to use the sentences that appear on their book in order to enhance the possibility that they will answer my
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