Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Digital Marketing Framework To Analysing Business

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Digital marketing framework-

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Internet has impacted the way businesses are done. It has helped in building relationships with customers and suppliers and all the other stake holders to create value and make money in the process. The entire process of marketing has been changed and revolutionised. Digital marketing is quite beneficial to the companies that adopt it but none the less it possesses a greater challenge to the companies.

Every company wants to make their presence felt online. But since this industry as such is in the process of establishing itself there are lots of uncertainties in terms of what is the right way to go digital, the precautions to be kept in mind and how much to invest in digital marketing. A theoretical model of digital marketing has been framed and this model has been analysed. To assess this model of digital marketing a new framework of ABCD technique of analysing business is used. This framework would help in assessing the advantages, benefits, constraints and disadvantages of the digital
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The most important logic we observe in marketing is the shift from just exchange of goods towards service, connectivity, interaction and continuous relationships (2). Technological innovations, new channels and changing media environments help in this change and the question arises as to how the technological communication media devices like television, sales force etc are more costlier than the electronic media such as email, web etc (3). The cost efficiency and interactive digital channels facilitate ongoing dialogue between the enterprise and the customer (4). The marketers of today want to be in continuous touch with their customers in an ongoing manner and increase the personal touch and interactivity at a lesser cost. This in turn will help in building customer loyalty and positive attitude towards the brand and the

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