Advantages And Disadvantages Of The European Warrant

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The European Arrest Warrant:
Successes and Weaknesses

1. Introduction
2. General features and principles
3. Successes
4. Weaknesses
5. Conclusion

1. Introduction The European Arrest Warrant is a significant tool for the principle of mutual recognition. Coming into use on the 1st of January 2004, it is based on mutual trust and it is a means of extradition of people between countries in the European Union, based on judicial decisions reached in the requesting state.1 The European Arrest Warrant aims at making the process of extradition faster and easier, bringing the guilty ones to justice on the basis of mutual recognition between member-states of the European Union.2 Thus, the principle of mutual recognition also has importance in protecting the rights and freedoms of the accused person, besides facilitating collaboration between states. The implementation of the European Arrest Warrant is based on the trust countries have in the criminal justice systems of each other, trust that comes from the shared perspectives on the rights and freedoms of individuals, principle of democracy and the respect of …show more content…

For the Member States, the direct costs consist of court costs, the costs of housing or holding in custody the offender – the salary of public workers, such as policemen or prison guards, can also be included here, transportation, interpretation and other of the sort. To these opportunity costs are added, for the money that goes into an ‘extended’ EAW does not go into any other, more useful to the society, fields. More importantly, the persons involved in European Arrest Warrants abused of, suffer from just as many loses. Firstly, the most obvious one, comes from the court costs and then there are indirect costs, both financial – lose of working days, and emotional – the person is under a lot of stress which may lead to serious health problems and

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