Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Evolution Of Database Management Systems

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Evolution of Database Management Systems

Before 1950s data was stored in paper records and there were lot of disadvantages in it such as lot of man power was needed lot of time was wasted also data would be destroyed easily cause of natural causes such as floods animal etc. Also lot of maintenance was needed on these paper works. Later computers were used for data storage stil the file system continued. Next came the age of DBMS.
1960 to 1970
IBM created the first model of DBMS. It was developed on IBM 360 and was known as IMS. It was an hierarchical model. This is the type of DBMS that relations were only between parent and child records. It was like a binary tree. There are some advantages and disadvantages of this model
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Which means data is not repeated over and over again in different places. In file based systems a particular field has a file of its own. So there can be same data repeated in different files. But in DBMS data redundancy can be minimized or completely removed in some cases.
Ex-in file based system an address can be repeated in different files. but in DBMS it can be avoided by having a relation between 2 tables. 2. Data consistency By having controlling consistency data redundancy data consistency can be obtained. When updating data in File based system it has to be done in every occasion necessary and failure to update on 1 file may have lot of problems on using them. But in DBMS it has to be done only once ad data will be available to all the users. 3.Data sharing A DBMS allow for multiple access for data in the same time in which file based system it cannot be done. 4.Data integration In DBMS data in database is stored in tables. A single database contains multiple tables and relationships can be created between tables. This makes easy to retrieve and update data. Integrity constraints or consistency rules can be applied to database so that the correct data can be entered into database. The constraints may be applied to data item within a single record or they maybe applied to relationships between
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