Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Fm System

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• FM System
An FM System comes in a variety of forms and can include CADS, and sound field systems that are like a PA system. They allow enhancement in sound. FM systems are an aid for everyone. They also come in personal systems. These work with hearing aids and cochlear implants. Basically, it becomes way easier for a person to hear the instructor when the instructor is talking over all the background noise of the entire classroom while using a FM system. The FM system is most commonly used to assist children with hearing loss, but it may be used in the classroom to benefit all students, hearing or no hearing loss.
FM systems can also come in a personal form. When personal fm systems are used, this causes the enhanced voice not to be
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It can predict words, check passages for context, read aloud using TTS technology and recognize split and merged words. Ghotit also has an integrated dictionary for students to look up a work quickly. This technology consists of novel patent-pending context spell checking technology that helps people with bad spelling. Using these features, Ghotit can pick up and correct not only poorly spelled words. This technology has a text-to-speech service so that a student can make sure that what they wrote is exactly what they intended to say.
Ghotit is an advanced text editor personalized to the needs of people with dyslexia and dysgraphia. This technology incorporates a possible way that children with dyslexia and other learning disorders have less difficulty with writing.
An advantage of Ghotit technology is the ability to predict anticipated words more precisely and even with no initial letters. The main disadvantage is the need of a training data set, which is typically larger for context completion than for simpler word completion. Ghotit is not a very complicated technology to implement into the classroom. A basic understanding of how to use the technology would need to be communicated to teacher and parents through something similar to an informational video explaining how the technology functions and operates. This technology could be implemented within a week or two of introducing the strategy to teachers and parents assuming that they have a basic understanding
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