Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Gender Division Of Labor

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In today’s society, tasks are usually divided in a household in order to improve productivity. Division of labor is not only part of workforce labor but it can also be noticed in a household labor. Some advantages for the division of labor are, a greater increase in technology and time saving for labor; disadvantages are, loss of responsibility as workers are assigned to a particular task and no one takes a responsibility from any mistake.
In the household division of labor, tasks are usually divided between men and women of the household. It is believed that women are better at household work, therefore they should continue that and since men are more productive at work, they should choose that path. Women are also forced to stay home as that would be
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Every job is a choice, women prefer to stay in clean industries while men choose to work in harsh and dirty conditions. While this can justify why some women are paid less but it’s still not fair to women who work the same hours and at the same job as men and is still paid less. Even when neoclassical economist believes that women choose to become pregnant, it still doesn’t justify it. If every woman had believed in just focusing on work and not having children, we might not even be alive today. Although there are many laws that help prevent gender wage gap discrimination, including Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and The Paycheck Fairness Act, the wage gap has a long way to go before it gets better. Furthermore, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an increase in the women’s labor force in the last 60 years, there is still a division of labor in a sense that women should do household work while men should go out and work. Even though this not what my parents wanted to do, but it was rational decision to make from what the economy forced them to
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