Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Human Capital Managment

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and of the needs of other team members.
More efficient use of resources ? especially time.
Greater hopefulness ? by focusing on positive outcomes and putting less weight on problems.
A wider range of ideas rather than individuals working in isolation.
More effective responses to changes ? improved trust and communication help a team to adapt to new circumstances.
There are not only benefits, there are some drawbacks of teamwork. So-called 'group think' can occur when a team is calmed into a false sense of satisfaction and loses its critical edge. Team members can waste time and energy in disputes and some members may pick out of the process ? 'social loafing' ? leaving others to do all the work. This can occur particularly when people feel they are dispensable.
Both station manager and senior admin officer agreed that effective team is one of the most important gift for the organization. Experienced and the talented makes the operation most effective, and it makes good team performance too. To maintain effectiveness of the team, management is providing proper training, tools and better work environment for the staffs.

5.0 Employee Motivation and Engagement.
5.1 Introduction to

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