Advantages And Disadvantages Of The International Market

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As a small sneaker firm in the United States, our company, Sole Steppers, needs to expand and gain more exposure to increase our revenues. With many options for expansion available, we have considered a variety of solutions. After evaluating each way of expanding our brand, the conclusion has been made that taking the products internationally will be the best way to maximize growth in all areas of the business. The first product that we will be selling internationally will be the Cozy Soles sneakers. Advantages and Disadvantages of Internationalization Advantages There are numerous advantages to taking our company to the international market. One of the main advantages is that we will have the ability to gain more market share as well as expand our consumer base. By gaining international exposure and making more people aware that the product exists, we are more likely to reach the homes of many additional consumers and increase the sales of our products. Not only will we expand our market share, but our revenue will increase as well. Last year we accrued a five million dollar net profit based on sales in the United States market alone. With production, pricing and advertising done properly and taking all other international expenses into consideration, such as shipping costs and fees, the net profit can increase in the years to come. Additionally, there is a better chance to avoid market saturation in the event that it occurs in the United States. With highly competitive
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