Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Pychodynamic Approach To Psychology

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This assignment will look at the Psychodynamic approach to psychology, it will look at how psychology is the understanding of what is going on in an individual’s conscious and unconscious mind and how it gives us insight into how people view relationships, behaviours and drives. It will also look at the Behaviourist approach to psychology and how there are three different types of conditioning involved in the behaviourist approach Classical conditioning, Operant conditioning and Social conditioning . It will give advantages and disadvantages to both the psychodynamic and behaviourist approach to psychology. It will also look at the psychosexual stages and how they take place in a series of fixed stages
Psychodynamic approach to psychology:
The term psychodynamic refers to the therapies and theories developed by Sigmund Freud. Psychodynamic
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• Experiences in childhood greatly effect emotions and behaviours as adults.
• Certain conflicts throughout childhood development shape overall personality.
• The unconscious is one of the most powerful effects on behaviour and emotion. (Your Dictionary,2014)

• One advantage to the psychodynamic approach is that it’s focused on the effects of the childhood experiences on developing personality, this is a strength because Freud was the first psychologist to realise this it then led other psychologists (Piaget) to develop theories of childhood.
• Another advantage is it takes nature and nurture in consideration and emphasise the importance of both. For example Freud’s assumption of childhood experiences focused on the nurture while the ID, Ego and super-ego focused on nature.

• A disadvantage of psychodynamic approach is that it is falsifiable this is a weakness because the assumptions cannot be scientifically measured or proven wrong ,for example the idea of the mind being broken up into three

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