Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Revolutionary War

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Among the new taxes and laws the British imposed on the colonies only made them more resentful towards their mother country causing violent revolts, boycott, and events such as the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party. This lead to the start of the Revolutionary War in 1775 between the colonies in America and Great Britain in which each side had both substantial advantages and disadvantages that impacted the eight long years of struggle.
The colonies in America called a meeting for the First Continental Congress to discuss the lack of "law of nature, principles of the English constitution, and liberty” from Great Britain, and many colonies were in agreement to separate from Britain. The beginning of the revolution began when British Redcoats advanced in Boston and the first shot was fired at Lexington and Concord. During the Revolution, the colonist decided to have a Second Continental Congress to discuss the issues of militia, money to pay for the war, adopted the Declaration of Independence, and appointed George Washington as commander of the Continental army. The colonies wanted to be free from an absolute ruler who cut off trade from the world, imposed taxation without representation, deny colonies from trial by jury, abolished laws and all forms of government, and destroyed the lives of the people. Moreover, having Washington, a soldier in previous wars, served in favor for the militia and encouraged the men to continue fighting for freedom.
Additionally, Thomas
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