Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Romans Road

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Summary of Method – The Romans Road is an evangelical intellectual method of sharing the gospel, using the approach of laying out the plan of salvation through verses from the book of Romans itself. Verses are fashioned into a teaching which outlines who is in need of salvation, why man needs salvation, how God provides that salvation, a response to salvation, and man’s own response to God’s salvation.
Advantages of Using This Method – One advantage to The Romans Road method, is that the process is biblically based, introducting scripture to the non-Christian. The individual being presented with this new information can’t help but be faced with the understanding of how God see’s mankind and his/her state of sin. A third advantage to this
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Once the relationship is established, it becomes harder to present the gospel, because the bond now created has more value to it, and much more is at stake. Because not everyone opens up as quickly as some, this method of evangelism can “drag out” the sharing of the gospel. We aren’t promised tomorrow, and this method has an unsure timeline of when it will be a “right” time to share the gospel with the other individual. If this is the only way you share the gospel, you will be at a disadvantage of sharing the gospel with multiple people that you interact with on a daily basis. Because of the involvement with relationship in this method, it is quite possible for a believer to be unequally yoked with a non believer. Lastly, when you look at the life of Jesus and His disciples and how they shared that gospel, it was far from a method such as this one. If we are to mirror who Christ is, shouldn’t that also include how He and His companions shared with strangers?
Door to Door Evangelism
Summary of Method – Door to door evangelism, also known as door to door “soulwining,” is one of the most consistent ways of spreading the word of God. The method consists of going from door to door in a neighborhood/area of town, and knocking on the doors of strangers and asking if they know Jesus Christ, with the end motive of sharing the gospel.
Advantages of Using This Method – Both personal and definitely biblical (Acts 5:42). Door to door evangelism does a wonderful job of
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