Advantages And Disadvantages Of The STEM Strand

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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics or STEM Strand is an academic discipline that focuses on math and science subjects. STEM strand education creates critical thinkers, increases science and math literacy, and prepares the next generation of innovators. Innovation leads to new products and processes that sustain our economy. This innovation in science and mathematics literacy depends on a solid knowledge base in the STEM areas (Why STEM education so important?, 2016). It is clear that most jobs in the future will require basic understanding of math and science. Although we are talking about STEM strand advantages, we cannot neglect the fact that it also has its disadvantages. Taking the STEM strand may result to some of the students’…show more content…
First, it helps us to gain more knowledge. Second, it improves our skills. STEM means creating learning environments that allow students to be more active. Whenever that happens, students are engaged in their own learning. There’s no manipulation in getting students active, either, it just happens. The outcome is that students better remember what they’ve learned when they are engaged in the process, and not passive by-standers (Ken Royal,. 2013). While the core of a STEM education is a technical curriculum, students will be forced to flex their problem-solving muscles as related to everyday tasks. STEM program will provide students hands-on challenges, like product conceptualization and creation, which promote creativity and social skills. Many of the nation’s top engineering colleges require STEM students to take classes in public speaking and humanities, as well (Rhodes S., 2017). Third, it will help us to decide on what course are we going to take in the near future. With these statements, we would like to inform you the advantages of taking STEM strand that will lead us to have a better technology in the near future. STEM strand prepares students for college and the workforce. STEM education focuses on helping students develop critical thinking and innovation skills, which is what they will need to succeed after high school. STEM programs are
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