Advantages And Disadvantages Of Theory Integration

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Advantages/Disadvantages One disadvantage of theory integration the possibility of the wrong mixture of theories by criminologist which could increase the odds of a person gravitating towards criminality increase (Frame, 2009). Another disadvantage with integration is variables get missed and vital information is left out. Finally, integration can lead to misconceptions of theories. The advantage of integration different theories is that decreases repetition where two theories are relaying the same message with different opinions. Another advantage is that integration brings consistency to theories
Future of Theory Integration Theory integration requires goals in order to make an impact on the future of criminology. According to Muftic (2009), the first goal of integration is theory reduction. Reducing the number of theories that basically explain the same behavior reduces the competition amongst researchers as well as inconsistency in theories. A second goal is to increase explained variance. Increasing the explained variance allows for more support of a theory as it is related to crime prevention and treatment. As with most theories there are advantages and disadvantages. Theory integration has advantages that will play an important part in the future of criminology. One advantage is the use of linking propositions such as sequential integration. This theory integration links the immediate cause of crime to a more distant cause of crime and that to an even more

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