Advantages And Disadvantages Of Timetabling

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1.3 CLASSIFICATION OF THE TIMETABLING AND PROBLEMS In every educational institution, timetabling can be categorized into the course timetabling, examination timetabling and school timetabling. This statement supported by (Qu, Burke, McCollum, Merlot, & Lee, 2009). Different institution has a different technique to manage and prepared the timetabling. Examination timetabling more focus on registered student beside assign the examination into a time slot and rooms at the same time requested will be satisfied. However, school and course timetabling more focus on classroom assignment problem (Pillay, 2014). Higher education examination and course timetabling have a lot of progress (Pillay, 2014) and more complicated compared to the school timetabling. All the problem considers to be the same.…show more content…
Other types of timetabling problem are school timetabling. School timetabling problem as reported by (Avella et al.2007) as an arrangement of the event among different kinds of resources while avoids the resources from the

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