Advantages And Disadvantages Of Traditional Advertising

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Advertising Medias When trying to promote a business, people are faced with two option, either using online marketing options or the more traditional advertising medias. Most people choose the online advertising option, so we start to realize that although traditional advertisings are successful ways to get exposure to a business, yet these medias are declining due to their many disadvantages. When we mention traditional advertising, the first medias that come to mind are television, radio and newspapers. After a close examination of four different sources, the result came out that: Television, radio and newspaper are all traditional advertising options still used today, yet they have many advantages and disadvantages that lead people to…show more content…
Moreover, according to the article “Understanding the Basics of Traditional Advertising” (Rae, L. 2013), understanding your audience and providing them with memorable visual impacts would leave them with an imprint that would last even after the ad had been aired. Furthermore, according to the article “Traditional Advertising Media Pros and Cons Tips for Small Business” (Angela, D. (n.d.)), television ads target the clients they exactly need to since they can specify the date and time the ad would air and thus would know the audience expected to see it. Advertising through a radio is the second media that most people seek. Unlike television, radio advertising is low cast since it does not need any visual impact. According to the article “Understanding the Basics of Traditional Advertising” (Rae, L. 2013), Radio is often called “theater of the mind” since the listener uses his imagination since
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