Advantages And Disadvantages Of Traditional Infrared Touch Laptops

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Traditional Infrared Touchscreens Touchscreen interactive devices have become increasingly important in both consumer and commercial applications. They’re a large component of many everyday devices from your mobile to your chromebook. They’re “electronic visual displays that can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area (Bhalla, 2010).” There is considered four different groups of touchscreen technologies each with its distinct advantages and disadvantages with some of the variations containing sub groups within them: Capacitive, surface acoustic wave (SAW) and infrared (Bhalla, 2010). The focus of this article will be on infrared touchscreens, specifically traditional infrared touchscreens. Traditional…show more content…
The projecting mechanism of the IR touchscreen consist of Infrared LEDs, which lines two adjacent side of the screen’s bezel and the receiving component, that are commonly phototransistor, lines the side opposite to the LEDs (Walker, 2012). Starting with the receiving component, the phototransistor, it is a transistor that is sensitive to light. The basic concept that paved the path for phototransistors was uncovered by Albert Einstein in his Nobel prize winning 1905 paper (Handbook of Photoelectric Sensing, 1993). Einstein made the bold proposal that light traveled through space in concentrated bundles (Known today as protons) (Handbook of Photoelectric Sensing, 1993). Einstein also outlined how protons when striking materials liberate photoelectrons, and the energy from the photoelectrons can be used to create a small current (Handbook of Photoelectric Sensing, 1993). The property of a small current being produced by the striking of photons exploited by transistors in order to create the photodetector, the phototransistor. In 1948, a year after the transistor was invented, John Northup Shive created the first example of a phototransistor where he used a beam of light instead of a wire as the emitter of a point contact transistor, generating holes that flow to the collector (Electronic Circuits and Diagram-Electronics Projects and Design, 2013). The first application of the

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