Advantages And Disadvantages Of Traditional Shopping

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1.0 Introduction Shopping is one of those oldest term used to discuss what the citizen have been doing over the years. It is called ‘trading’ or ‘bartering’ during ancient times. There is variety choice of purchasing products based on individual preference. One of the most common shopping method conducted by the citizen is traditional shopping. Traditional shopping is an activity that customers will have the ability to visit the physical store and check out the features of the products. It enables the shopper to meticulously check out an item. In this modern world, there is another form of shopping fast growing from recent years which is online shopping. Due to the advancement of technology, it makes it convenient to customers that they can purchase any items online at home or office. For information, this report will investigate the aspects of shopping on the web versus shopping in a traditional manner. It will take a look on the consumer behaviour when purchasing product and combine the insight with secondary research. In this context, the product to…show more content…
Howver, based on the findings above, the advantages of conventional shopping has outweigh over its disadvantages. In my opnion, I would prefer to purchase the smartphone at physical store due to the following reason. First and foremost, I value my personal experience of the traditional store. Another is the in-store expertise drives my purchase volume. More specifically, I am more likely to buy the smartpone with the assist of an knowledgable associates. Most importantly, I would not take risk to purchase a product online which cost me more than RM1000. Last but not least, I am able to meet employees and other community members other than merchants to gain feedback about the merchants. For example, I can observe myself while the merchants interacts with other customers. This direct observational feedback is not available to the online
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