Advantages And Disadvantages Of Transfer Management

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Building trust
Cross, Martin and Weiss (2006) observed that linear process-based tools such as activity-based costing, business process re-engineering, and total quality management have long been successful at measuring and improving the efficiency of people and organizations in accomplishing individual tasks. But they do a poor job of shedding light on the largely invisible networks that help employees get things done across functional and business unit boundaries. It is therefore recommended that MNC carry out cross-functional/geographically staff transfer that creates exposures to different aspects of each business units and promotes collaborative operation within the MNC through face to face contact. Building of trust became an integral component in building a successful invisible network within the MNC and Malik, (2004) notice that the existence of a strong co-operative and collaborative culture is essential for successful knowledge transfer between individuals and groups.
Applying organizational mechanisms
It has been highlighted earlier and proposed in technology transfer literature that absorptive capacity of the receiving business unit as one of the most challenging determinants of intra-firm
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Furthermore, it is concluded that a successful intra-firm technology transfer management is vital for MNC to remain competitive and innovative in such disruptive environment. In answering the question, the challenges and solutions highlighted serve as references for technology managers. It is also worthwhile to note the effectiveness for MNCs to invest in human resource program that promote human interaction and collaborative culture. However, there are limitations to this essay as to the extent of analytical tools or
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