Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ultrasonography

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Ultrasonography has multiple advantages over traditional radiologic imaging modalities when used for interventional procedures. It allows improved visualization of the anatomy while avoiding ionizing radiation and risks associated with contrast use. Although limited in its ability to see through bony structures, ultrasound has utility in visualizing soft tissues and vascular structures in anatomic regions of interest resulting in increased use for posterior neuraxial, periaxial, peripheral nerve and joint-related structures. In this review, we aim at highlighting some of the relevant developments in past 5 years in the use of this rapidly expanding modality for performing chronic pain management procedures. Discussion will be
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US-guided injections in patients with lumbar facet syndrome were found to be as effective as FS-guided injections for pain relief and improving activities of daily living.6 A cadaveric study reported US as imaging modality for facet joint injections with 88% accuracy rate as validated by using FL.7

In another cadaveric feasibility and validation study US-guided transforaminal epidural injections were found to be accurate with a success rate of 91.3% as validated using FL however targets could not be visualized at L5-S1interspace in all 4 cadavers due to iliac crest obstructing the visualization of transforaminal space.8 Yang et al also reported shorter performance time with US- guided lumbar nerve root block (LNRB) and similar improvement in pain scores when comparing with FL-guided injections.9 Greher et al10 developed a new US-guided out of plane technique to

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