Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ultrasound

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Ever since the beginning of medicine, diagnostic procedures were mainly invasive, meaning that the patient was cut open, resulting in an excruciating amount of pain for the diagnosis of some simple conditions, such as pneumothorax and appendicitis. This practice was usual for centuries up until the early 20th century where the use of waves, electromagnetic or not, in medicine began.

One type of the waves used was the ultrasound wave. The ultrasound waves, are sound waves with a frequency higher than that of the audible human hearing range (Rouse, "What Is Ultrasound? - Definition from"). The idea of first applying the ultrasound for medical diagnostic purposes accord simultaneously in more than one country in the world, however the best documented one was in 1957 in Glasgow, Scotland by the Scottish physician Professor Ian Donald ("The Development of Ultrasound"). Donald was inspired to pioneer the use of ultrasound waves in medicine after seeing
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The ultrasound is an affordable cost efficient device and is environmentally friendly due to it being non radiational, meaning that it is also safer for the patient and the staff. The disadvantages of ultrasounds are that they are operator dependent which can hinder the diagnostic yield and the sonographer requires years of experience.

Weighing both the positives and the negatives of the ultrasound all together, it has still made a major breakthrough in the medical field. Where simple diagnostics can be carried out within a couple of minutes making it time efficient not only for the doctor but for the patient too while also being painless for the patient. This quality makes this device a must-have device in every clinic and
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