Advantages And Disadvantages Of Unionism

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A Case on the perils of Unionism: a. Are you in favour of unionism in a company? Why or why not? I am in favour of unionism in a company because it helps the disadvantaged employees to fight against the injustices of their employers that could be done in a peaceful way such as collective bargaining, where representatives from both the management and the union come together to negotiate a compromise on issues of wages and benefits. On cases where a company deprives their employees of their rights, unionism is also helpful since solidarity between members brings power, and with that kind of power they’ll already be able to enforce their rights as workers. b. What are the advantages and disadvantages of unionism? The advantages of unionism are: 1. It serves as a weapon or defence against injustices of employers. 2. It serves as instruments of education for members. 3. It promotes workers’ interests by helping bring…show more content…
Since on companies with union representation promotions and pay are determined by seniority, employers lose options available to motivate their workforce to work harder. 3. There are union dues that are deducted from each pay check of an employee even if he/she disagrees with the decision of the union. 4. If you disagree with the decision of the majority, you have no voice. 5. Union wages are often larger than those of non-union workers which increase the price of the products produced by union workers. Productivity is also not rewarded or encouraged by a union structure. c. What are other current trends and issues of unionism? One trend and an issue of unionism in Philippines is Contractualization. According to the article, Trade Union Congress of the Philippines, The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has adopted a new policy to hasten the regularization of contractual workers and ensure compliance with labor standards. Source: d. What is the moral basis of
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