Advantages And Disadvantages Of Urbanization In Village By The Sea

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In the novel “ Village By The Sea “ by Anita Desai tells the problem faced in Indian villagers which can be noticed from two characters, Hari and Lila. From the book we can experience the Indian culture and their way of life through the life faced by the characters. I feel that the book is distinctive and special in a way, as it alternates between the view of Hari and Lila. It also has an effect on the readers, when Hari goes to the city of Bombay and Lila is in the village of Thul. From these two point of view we can get the idea of similarities and differences between city and village life.
Some of the problem faced by villagers in India is industrialization and urbanization. According to industrialization when the country will progress into modern period, more factories will be built to make increase in income and jobs as it has a positive impact on economy but it will greatly
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I would not say that it is a problem, but there are definitely advantages and disadvantages to urbanization. The advantages can be that the country will be more economically competitive as contrasted to other which are not so developed countries. It will also have more cleaner and more efficient manufacturing and will be more potential in controlling their resources. In addition, when the country is very developed, they will be very successful to safeguard themselves. When more people live in cities or upper class apartments, there will be more capacity for other development. More lenders will want to invest in the country and more tourists will want to come to the country, because of these factors. The disadvantages of urbanization are- the air quality of the area will certainly be affected, because of the smoke from the exhaust of vehicles and the pollutants from the factories. This may affect the health of the people living in the cities. The environment of the country may also be affected by the country's
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